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This is a whole collection based on the same design. This elegant Baroque design was made by the Spanish painter Ana De La Cerda, who makes all her designs by hand, directly on the plate, that then goes in the oven to get these special and shinny blue colours.
This collection was made thinking on upgrading your classic, elegant and basic table top to the classic, elegant and expensive look you deserve.

Details of the product:
* Style Reference Number: MODBlue collection - P
* Shape: Monaco
* Material: Porcelain
* Color: Blue design
* Product sizes:
* Cereal bowl: ⌀16cm/6.29in
* Soup plate: ⌀21cm/8.27in
* Salad plate: ⌀20cm/7.87in
* Dinner plate: ⌀26cm/10.23in
* Spaghetti plate: ⌀27cm/10.63in
* Serving Round plate: ⌀32cm/12.59in
* Rectangular Serving plate: 30x20cm/11.81x7.87in

Selling details:
* 6 pcs x Box
* 16 pcs Set (4 pcs x cereal bowl, 4 pcs x soup plate, 4 pcs x salad plate, 4 pcs x dinner plate)

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