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The exclusivity look of porcelain with an elegant Asian design: same vibes as having a meal in a chic and peaceful ambient.

Details of the product:
* Style Reference Number: GB289F - P
* Shape: Monaco
* Material: Porcelain
* Color: Different blue tones
* Product sizes:
- Soup plate: ⌀21cm/8.27in
- Salad plate: ⌀20cm/7.87in
- Dinner plate: ⌀26cm/10.23in
- Spaghetti plate: ⌀27cm/10.63in
- Rectangular Serving plate: 30x20cm/11.81x7.87in
* Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Selling details:
* 6 pcs x Box
* 12 pcs Set ( 4 pcs x soup plate, 4 pcs x salad plate, 4 pcs x dinner plate)

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